James Character

James Caddell is a character true to his own. Vivid in his unique personality he actively draws the attention of the ordinary eye. James’ character and entertainment attributes stem from his conservative viewpoints and genuine love for this country. James is seen as a voice for justice, equality and family values. James’ deep tone and powerful resonance are distinctive, and a unique listen to the ear. 

James Caddell has extensive experience as a recording artist, touring vocalist, as well as a radio, television and stage performer. At age 15 he sang with Young Americans, touring internationally and getting his foot in the door. He then went on to tour as a vocalist with Loretta Lynn and Andy Gibb and appeared in American TV shows with Bea Arthur, Rich Little, Julie Andrews and Melba Moore. For 18 years he performed with Duke Ellington including a show with Dee Daniels that was broadcasted on Canadian national television. He also spent several years on Broadway with Joseph Papp’s productions. James has recorded voice-over work for radio and television commercials, including sports, news and entertainment-article products. 

James grew up as the oldest of 6 kids in a “challenging” neighborhood in San Bernardino, California. As the oldest son, James was the inherent protector of his younger siblings often removing them the violence inside and outside the home. A teacher saw James raw natural talent and took him to audition for the Young Americans singing group in Los Angeles. As a young black man singing with the Young Americans, James was not welcomed in southern restaurants with the other Caucasian singers. To Young Americans credit, the entire group of singers would leave the establishments. As he sang with Loretta Lynn, touring the country in 1980-----, he again experienced racism at various events. A black man singing country was not accepted by some; James talent often turned their minds once they heard his voice. Loretta still speaks today of James talent and big personality. These life experiences have shaped his values, along with hard work, he moved beyond the rough neighborhood he grew up in. An ordained ministry, James stands up and gives voice to those that can’t (or maybe afraid) to speak up as a conservative, the silent conservative majority needs to hear his voice as a champion to the American values we share and cherish.