James has many years of experience singing with well know artist; Loretta Lynn, Andy Gibb, as well as performing on the stages of Broadway in New York and Los Angeles. Television variety shows include Julie Andrews, He began as a young 15-year old with the big deep rich voice with the "Young Americans", soloing to standing ovations of "Old Man River". The raw emotion, strength and vulnerability continues to come through in his music. Whether singing gospel, blues, jazz, Motown or the sounds from the classic 40s & 50s big band. You can often hear James singing with the local big band "The roadside attraction" and accapela group "The Main Attraction" while also lending his love for gospel at local churches throughout the region.  The Tacoma Symphony, Tacoma Opera, Seattle Philasonic, Clarence A Cox, Duke Ellington Sacred Concert, Don Lanfere are a few of the regional performances which James has performed. You can hear James sing in the PBS "Civil War Journals" where he also lent his deep speaking voice to this television series production. TV commercials and video games have also utilized James capturing voice to promote their various products. James is currently working on finishing his new CD, title “Just for Love”. A touching tribute to the many deep loves of life in which we all share; from songs of a young love in bloom to “Mama Rainbow” a 50’s song about the power of a child’s love for his mother.  The CD will bring back memories of "yester" years; while creating new memories for a new generation to those who have just heard his powerful, passionate voice. Many have said that James rich, deep voice wraps them up like a blanket on a cold day. They sense his depth of life, the deep sorrow and new joy that only a life fully lived with vast experiences can express.